Scaring My Pants Off

I’m sensitive.

This is a fact. This has affected my life in many ways however the only one that causes a minor problem with my wonderful hubs is that we don’t go to the movies. He loves the whole movie going experience and used to go fairly regularly but I can’t do it. The first reason is that movies are seriously no less than 2.5 hours and I don’t think I can sit that long with focused attention. Also, what if I have to go to the bathroom? I don’t want to miss anything and have to maneuver past people numerous times with my goings and comings while they are trying to enjoy the movie. It’s just too long. However, the second reason I can’t do it regularly is this pesky crying because I’m overly sensitive issue that I have.

My most recent trip to the cinema with my movie loving husband was to go see Non-Stop.  Easy day, right? Action. Suspense. Liam Neeson. It was supposed to be 106 minutes of thrills! I was so confident in this that I even wore eye makeup.

No spoilers here but it definitely was all the action that one could hope for but the last 10 minutes I was bawling. Ugh. So. Embarrassing. When the lights came on I turned my head to see my husband staring at me incredulously.

I remember when I was very young, my grandma was visiting and the post theater was playing Snow White. So we all went. I remember that my grandma cried at the end of Snow White and my mom razzed her quite a bit. I remember thinking it was strange that she was crying. It is only Snow White…I have turned into my grandma. I’m okay with this because she’s pretty cool.

When I’m home alone, I actually do like to watch movies but I lean toward the horror genre (as previously mentioned). Horror movies don’t make me cry and not crying is pretty awesome to me.  The problem with watching movies though is I actually have to pay attention to the screen. Especially if it’s a movie that is in a language that I don’t speak, of which there are many because I only speak two languages. In my circumstances, I spend quite a bit of time counting stitches, making cables, and all manner of fiber art. Better that I have something to listen to rather than miss the movie. Or constantly have to backtrack which will make a 90 minute movie so much longer.

GargoyleI recently discovered there is a solution for people like me. The horror podcast! I wish I’d discovered this sooner. I’ve only just started listening to these podcast but they have been perfect solution to be entertained in a short doses- I realize an audiobook would serve as well but I have a problem with that kind of commitment at this time. I have yet to find an episode to make me cry but when the sun goes down, I make my dog go with me when I have to go into different rooms in the house because these stories give me the willies.

  • No Sleep Podcast-very well produced. There are many narrators, sound effects, and music.
  • Knifepoint Horror- this is a single person telling a story. It gives me chills.

These are the only two I have checked out and really enjoy. Are there any podcasts or other media that would be suitable for someone with busy hands? What do you listen to for diversion?


2 thoughts on “Scaring My Pants Off

  1. I’m sensitive too, and cry easily during movies. My boys just look at me… are you CRYING Mom?!. Yes, I am. Not just movies, pretty much anything can make me cry. But I don’t like horror movies though- I don’t like to be scared either!


    1. lol! I don’t mind being scared quite as much! There was a long time I couldn’t even watch the news because it made me just bawl. Luckily NPR doesn’t have the same effect! Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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