Friday Night Rituals

I love Friday night. I think it’s obvious to most people why I would love any Friday, but over time I have developed a ritual that fits my energy level and complete decompression from my weeks.

I’m a shift worker. I live my life on a different schedule than the rest of this entire state. I discovered on my trip to Ireland that I live my life in the U.S. on Irish time. It made it very easy to become accustomed to my vacation immediately, while my hubs struggled with jet lag.

By Friday, there is no helping me though. I’m run down, sleep deprived, and more likely than not looking for some delicious sugary treat to dip into my light kahvi because I’m jonesin’ for the rush. The thought of sleep is detestable because I don’t want to waste a perfectly good weekend. I will stay up with my dry, sandpaper eyelids, and enjoy every lethargic moment of the start of my weekend. So what does one do when they are too exhausted for words? I will share that right now.

  • Drink coffee. The more the better. Make sure it’s so much that you get a slight belly ache. The buzz will keep those eyes open regardless of the energy behind them. Stare off into space, it’s okay. Trust me, I do this every week.
  • Watch a movie. Not one where you have to think or follow closely to ensure that you don’t miss anything meaningful. I actually prefer French horror flicks with a female protagonist. At least that’s what Netflix told me that I like.  Try High Tension,  The Horde, or Devil (which is still a goodie even though it doesn’t fit my strict French-female-horror guideline). The great thing about these movies? They will probably give you just enough willies to stay awake without they nightmares of truly terrifying movies. It’s a win-win!
  • Knit something. Preferably something without a lot of detail. A garter stitch blank perhaps. That’s preferable in the winter time because at least your lap will be warm. But don’t make the rookie mistake of knitting with metal needles. They are slick and your yarn will slip off and you will waste all your precious energy trying to get your knitting back on the right track. Besides, metal needles get cold. No good. I like to save socks with long stretches of knit stitches for Fridays. This takes some planning. Gussets and heels during the week. I can’t be expected to pick up stitches whilst barely coherent.
  • Finally, take out or something super easy. Fridays are hungry days for me. My body wants energy. Food is the default. Beyond that, my coffee filled tummy will probably demand food for a reprieve from coffee. I like easy stuff on Fridays: take out, eggs and leftovers, cookies. Whatever. This may take some more planning (I never said this would be easy), but nourishment is one of those necessary type things.

One of these days I won’t be exhausted on a Friday. Maybe I will go out dancing? I don’t even remember what that’s like. Until then, I’m pretty happy with this set up. It’s worked for me for 3 years.

What are your Friday night rituals? Is there anything you recommend I do differently?

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